Wooden Snack Plate with Handle

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  • Type: Snack plate
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Brown
  • Modern design
  • Convenient and durable product.
  • Its easy to maintain your wooden plates or any wooden products like cup, cutting board, spoon or any wooden equipment we use for food serving. 

    1. Never ever soak your plate in water. Yes, don't soak wooden products in water, wooden products absorb liquid very quickly. If you soak your wooden product in water there is a huge chance that it will bend. 
    2. Clean your wooden plate or any other wooden tools properly and don't let it absorb water. You can clean it as soon as you use it. Clean it well. You can use a half lemon and coarse salt, then wipe it clean, and let it dry thoroughly. For daily maintenance you can clean it with hot soapy water after using it. Remember ! don't soak it in water, Its very important!
    3. Once you clean your wooden product, dry it properly. when I say dry it properly don't over dry it. You can dry it using a towel or a tissue paper, and then keep it a dry open space or may be in a open kitchen stand. Remember! never keep it under sun for drying, if you do so, it will over dry and crack. Don't let it over dry.
    4. Once its dry you can apply mineral oil, you can get mineral oil from any groceries store near you, or if you have bees wax then you can make a mixture of bees wax and mineral oil mixture and apply it to your wooden products. you can make bees wax mixture easily. I will post how to make bees wax and mineral oil mixture in my next post.
    5. Let your wooden product absorb oil properly, keep it over night or some hours to absorb oil properly. If you are using your wooden products daily then you don't need to apply oil or bees wax regularly, once in a while is enough. But do not over dry your wooden products.
    6. Once the product absorb oil you can wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel or a cloth so that the wooden product does not feel damp or sticky.

    It is common that wooden products gets fungus very quickly, do not worry, it goes off once you wash it with water.

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