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? ?【Foot Cleansing Massager】? - Silicone Foot Massager bristles are flexible and easy to bend. Not only does it clean the feet well, it is also an invigorating foot massager. The foot massage function of the foot massage system not only cleans the most neglected parts of the foot, but also promotes healthy blood circulation while massaging tired and painful feet.

? ?【Walking back and forth on the bristles not only cleans your feet】? but also promotes blood circulation and blood circulation, increasing your health. Without bending and stretching, this foot massager allows you to enjoy the shower while cleaning and massaging your feet; especially for people with problems with the hips, people with problems on the back, and those who have problems with the bend.

? ?【The Foot Massaer Mat with Non slip suction cups】?Sticks to Shower Floor or tub- Non slip suction cups stick safely to your shower floor. 90 strong suction cups can easily attaches and stays in place, make the pad to reach every pressure point and massage as hard or as light as you'd like.

? ?【The Shower Foot Scrubber provides complete foot care】? the foot scrubber cleanses, exfoliates, and massages your feet.Simple to use, No need to bend down or try and balance. Simply place the foot on top of the brush and move back and forth. When Used as

? ?【Back Mat】? - Acupressure Massage Points Help to Release Pain and Tension in Your Back and Neck. Get a Deep Sense of Relaxation Every Time you Bath.

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