Robot camera Holder moves 360 degrees

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  • Sensitive to shadow that attaches the face image in all directions
  • The camera rotates with you 360 degrees and follows you wherever you are and walks with you
  • Battery operated
  • 【Simple Operation】: 1 Install three AA 1.5V alkaline dry batteries 2 Download the "Abay Genie" APP 3 Place the cell phone on the camera holder. Open the bluetooth and "Abay Genie" App 4 Press the switch for 2 seconds, the red light flashes to wait for the bluetooth connection, it will automatically connect the red light, a long bright red light means the connection is good. The live broadcast function must be used by the Age Genie app. The target lock box can be clicked to choose the object or the face.
    • 【1 Object Tracking Stand + 1 Cell Phone = Your Personal Robot Camera】: If you have these problems: You can't record video without a photographer; You cannot take pictures yourself; When you need to capture dynamic video releasing your hand, objects or figures in motion, the fixed stand is inflexible; All this face and object tracking 360 stand will help you solve the problem, let your phone follow you, selfies and no longer ask for help.
    • 【Life Mode】: Choose "Life Mode" after opening the AbayJini APP, open the bluetooth when the red light is bright, then start the live broadcast for 3 seconds with automatic face tracking recognition to broadcast a live broadcast or background running on AbayJini APPs, Open the live streaming app, wherever you go, your mobile phone will be where you go hands-free. Great for live streaming apps as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. Live broadcast assistant.
    • 【Camera Mode】: Choose the camera mode, the 360-degree rotating selfie stick and face tracking mount introduce artificial intelligence digital image composition and evaluation into the intelligent imaging system, which can automatically improve professional composition on people/pets. When you go, the phone will turn to where you go, set the mode and take photo or video automatically at a fixed time for 3 seconds. Face and Object/Pet Lock, 360° Selfie Mount Camera Automatic Count Down.
    • 【Attention to Carry】: You must open the cell phone bluetooth first, then open the "Abay Genie" APP, no need for manual pairing, it will automatically connect within 6 seconds, the red light is long bright, if not, the red light is flashing. Note: You must use the Track and Rotate function of the Abai Jenny app, let the Abai Genie be the background and you can use another app. Don't move too fast, and don't make a background that's too complex. Beauty can be turned off in the settings.

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