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Laundry Ball Eco Friendly Silicone Scrubbing Balls Reusable Dryer Balls Solid Color Enhance Your Machine Cleaning Power Convenient: No more need to remove hair by hand. With our laundry balls you can simply put these small laundry balls in the washing machine, turn on the spin mode, or you can put them in the dryer with your clothes. Hair Removal Assistant: Our hair catcher is made of high quality silicone that is reusable, durable and robust. If you put it in the washing machine with the clothes, you can effectively remove the hair and fluff from the clothes. Save time and worry about hair. Protective Clothing: These laundry balls are designed to be round so that your clothes are not damaged during the washing process and can be used for children's clothes. It can effectively insulate clothes, reduce wrinkles and shorten drying time. Washed clothes are clean, bright and last longer. Small: Very compact. Water wheel design accelerates water flow. Spherical design helps clean. It can effectively prevent clothes from winding around soft silicone without hurting clothes, it is small enough to save space in the washing machine and easy to store.

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