Multifunctional Sponge The sponge is highly absorbent The sponge for cleaning the house, the car and the bathroom is multi-shaped

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Advantages: It has strong water absorption ability, easy maintenance. Smooth and delicate touch, feel comfortable and soft, smooth and detailed surface, long-term use of non-pilling balls. Tough nature, can pull, tear, reached ten, can withstand multiple times of use. Tensile strength is much better than ordinary sponges and any towel, non-toxic and side effects on the contact surface, when dry blocks, to prevent the invasion and breeding of bacteria. When hardening is not completely dry, so that bacteria can not multiply, after the rapid softening of water. After wiping off no residue and water marks, permanent. Precautions: When used, please rinse the product with water for 10 seconds, remove the humidifier, and dry use. This product is dry when the blocks soaked in water before using soft and dry can be used. If you want to continue to use, please dry after storage.

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