Mini Electric Egg Beater Handheld Mixer for Baking Cake Cream Automatic Food Beater Plastic Whisks Kitchen Machine for Cooking Baking

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Never miss a beat. Save time and hassle in the kitchen with the helpful assistance of our cordless egg beater machine.

Using this electric beater couldn't be easier. Battery-operated, the handy kitchen appliance goes where you need it to.

Save your energy and beat it, beat it good! The whisk built into this electronic beater scrambles and whips in a jiffy.

This bater goes beyond egg beating. Perfect for baking, cooking and meal prepping, the electric beater can be used to whip egg whites, cream, milk, mayo and more. It whisks quickly and thoroughly so you can rapidly whip up puff pastries, cookies, cakes, loaves of bread, gravies, creamy sauces and so on.

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