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  • There are many cleaning tools and each one has its function, but if you are looking for the best, you will definitely need a Super Sponge!

    Super Sponge Magic Cleaning Sponge, it inflates and expands to more than 4 times its normal size as soon as you wet it with water or other cleaning liquids.. and this makes it ideal for cleaning, especially for narrow places that you do not know how to clean with a regular sponge or towel.. Arabic, floors and bowls will also be used, and help me with it. In cleaning furniture and sofa, especially the needs that have work and stereoscopic wooden carvings such as the niche, the cupboard and the hairstyle, because you will be able to lengthen them all using the Super Sponge

    The Super Sponge is based on the technology of compressing the sponge, which makes its size very small and thin, but as soon as you wet it with water or cleaning fluids, it will grow and reach a large size with a length of 18 cm, a width of 9 cm and a height of 4 cm, which makes it clean easily and quickly, and it will also take you to the most difficult places.. from Today, you will not get tired when you are cleaning the furniture and extending all the hidden places, but you can use it to clean Arabic, floors, ceramics, and many other uses that you will discover on your own.

    And as we are accustomed to the generosity offers, we hit the offer today at 4 in order to keep 4 pieces of the Super Sponge cleaning sponge for the price of one piece..

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