Handy Helpers Splatter Screen Splash Cooking Pot Cover Protector - Black

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During the different stages of cooking, this stainless screen will ease the process and make your life easier. Unlike other grease splash guards that take forever to clean, the micro-mesh construction of this protector blocks grease without sticking to it - just give your screen a wipe. Fryer splash guard provides complete protection from hot grease and dangerous oil splashes.

The frying lid holds bubbling hot oils, fuzzy sauces, boiling hot liquids and food bits inside the pot. Stainless steel stovetop mist is easy to clean in a dishwasher on a low cycle, preventing buildup of protectors. Fryer splash screen is ideal for use while boiling food, when food needs to be seen and inspected or sometimes food gets too hot while using the pan lid.

Frying pan protector cover fits most pots and pans and protects the entire pan. Heavy duty handle to protect your hands from the heat from frying food in the kitchen. Frying protectors contain bubbling hot oils, fuzzy sauces, boiling hot liquids and food morsels inside the pot.

Convenient feet of cooking grease keep the display on the countertop without getting greasy and keep it in place over the pan. Sturdy, durable, high-performance stainless steel stove with plastic handle. The fine mesh of the oil diffuser allows proper air circulation within the vessel.

Each oil proof cookware has an ergonomic heat-resistant handle to protect you while you cook - great for saving space. To cook safely, always use a splash guard to avoid the dangers of hot oil, grease, boiling water and food particles from splashing on you and burning your skin. Heavy duty stainless steel sprinkler screen mesh construction.

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