Generic Twin Draft Door Guard - Brown

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The draft guard is designed to snugly hug doors and windows so that you are protected from drafts on both sides. No need to keep adjusting or arguing with it like other door draft stoppers, you can save a lot of energy if you are running an air conditioner in your room, the air conditioner needs to work harder if there is air leaking from the room, especially from under the door. Stop air leaks and save money on your electric bill, The Twin Draft, Guard is made of washable, abrasion-resistant fabric.

product specification

Type: Door Stoppers

Brown color

Material: Canvas

It comes in a neutral coffee color to blend in. You can adjust the length of the air guard to fit your door and then you can change it to fit your exact door or window.

to a length of 34.6 inches and can be reduced by cutting out the foam tube

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