Adjustable Measuring Spoon with Adjustable Scale, Wide Range of Measurements, Multi Purpose Scoop for Coffee, Powder, Tea, Sugar and Milk, Measuring Spoon Tool in Kitchen

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Clear Measurements It's adjustable Measuring Spoons. You can get the exact Amount of powder, with built-in measuring marks, Measuring Spoons is with clear 6 scales: 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 40ml, 45ml, and a stable base that won't pour, so you can get the exact amount you need.?

Practical Powder Adjustable? Measuring Spoon. Measuring Spoons, Versatile and an essential kitchen tool in your life, it can be used to scoop up babies ,protein powder for gym-goers, coffee powder and more.

More Exact Volume Control. The push-button allows forward sliding, push-Pull removal of excess powder for level and accurate measurements. After setting/adjusting the value once, you can take that amount in the future without having to adjust it every time, ensuring you get the same amount every time.?

We are here for you. Say goodbye to the mess of scooping powder]As opposed to flat measuring spoons, has an inward-facing opening that protects the powder from spills without interfering with the pouring of the powder, ensuring a smooth and complete pour into your container. The Powder Adjustable Measuring Spoon helps you to scoop powder accurately and without spilling it everywhere. This is perfect for powders that need to be measured out precisely.?

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