30ml Marinade Flavor Injector Spice Syringe Cooking Baking Filler BBQ Meat Needles

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Easy to Use

You can use this cooking syringe to flavour all sorts of meats EU601. It’s really easy to use. Simply draw your marinade into the syringe by pulling the handle up, insert the needle into part of the meat you want to season, then push the plunger down.

Try adding butter and herbs to bring out the natural flavours of your meat. Or create rich marinades that turn everyday roasts into unique, flavour-packed recipes. The possibilities are endless.

Great for Baking and Barbecues

You don’t just have to use this cooking syringe for marinating. It’s great for baking too. Use it to inject jam or custard into the middle of your doughnuts, or liqueurs into Christmas puddings. Or why not add a surprise chocolate ganache filling to your cupcakes?

It’s also ideal for summer barbecues. Try adding spicy marinades to barbecued chicken, or roast a whole chicken on a vertical barbecue roaster, and inject your favourite Sunday roast-style seasonings.


As with all sharp items, keep out of reach of children.

Capacity: 30ML

size: 4.5x2.5x13.5

needle size: 0.7x0.7x7.5cm

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